"Launched in October, 2016"

The third level features longer stories with new vocabulary.

Benefits for Learners

English Graded Readers serve as a natural bridge, helping readers build up to native-level materials. Deliberate repetition of carefully chosen new vocabulary enables readers to infer meaning from context. Because they can be read and enjoyed without struggle, Graded Readers build skills and confidence.

level 3

The second level features simple sentences, predictable sentence structures, and familiar themes.

level 1

Follows Lexile & ATOS Methodology

The love of reading starts with Purple Turtle!​


Why Graded Readers?

level 2

Studies have shown the benefits of graded readers are many. They improve reading speed, reading fluency, help develop and enrich already known vocabulary, and improve the ability to move from working with words to working with ideas when reading. Give them a try yourself to see how reading can be a pleasurable activity rather than a frustrating chore!

The first level features simple vocabulary, very 

simple sentences, picture clues, and word 

  • Contemporary Titles
  • Popular classics
  • Original Fiction
  • Plays & Stories
  • Autobiographies
  • Non-Fiction

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