Follows Lexile & ATOS Methodology

English Graded Readers -

The second level features simple sentences, predictable sentence structures, and familiar themes. Level 2 comes with 12 books of graded readers written by Vanessa Black. The set follows Lexile and ATOS methodology embarking English Language Training (ELT) to the young minds.

Word Count: 150 to 250
 up to 1.5
up to 200 L
Page Count:

• Too Many Clothes
• Purple Goes on a Holiday
• Purple Visits the Zoo
• Biggy Breaks an Arm
• At the Aquarium
• The Art Banner

- English Graded Readers 36 Books, 3 Levels -

level 2 - Beginner (12 Books Pack)

"Launched in October, 2016"

• Roxy Plays by the Rules
• Ride to the City
• Who am I?
• Roxy Gets Angry
• Wish Upon a Star
• Purple Goes to School

Books in this Level